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Membership (Individual and team) to W.S.K.F – Bulgaria is open to all like -minded Karate-ka who have a genuine desire to develop themselves and their students in the pursuit of excellence. A clearly defined grading syllabus provides all members of the W.S.K.F – Bulgaria with a coherent structure with which to train. Standards and Dojo etiquette are rigorously maintained and all members of the WSKF can be proud of their diligence in pursuing the three traditional elements of Karate, namely Kihon, Kata, and Kumite. W.S.K.F – Bulgaria not only recognises the benefit of tradition, but also understands the need to adopt the best elements of modern training methods. Blind obedience to tradition is not a feature of W.S.K.F. Karate, and an intelligent and logical exploration of all facets of Karate is encouraged. Tournaments are seen to be a useful tool to test the skills developed by training in karate, but tournaments are not the central feature of the WSKF. The traditional idea of karate training as a way to test and develop the students character, is very important in the W.S.K.F., and so an honest open approach to training is encouraged at all levels.